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The Best Porn Sites - Reviewed!

Updated: February, 21, 2019

The average horny internet user in 2019 has some difficult choices to make. About 10% of all internet traffic is pornographic. This is tens of thousands of websites - most of them terrible - that feature adult content. In all that mess, how do you find what you’re looking for? Congratulations, you’ve got the answer: Porn Explosion. Our meticulous and oversexed reviewers have dredged the internet to find the best porn available. Our reviews are organized by category, so you can zero-in on the content you’re looking for. We have options for every budget, fantasy, and kink. Best of all, there are NO ADS on this site.

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We take our job as reviewers seriously. On Porn Explosion you’ll find in-depth reviews that cover every facet of the service in question, so you can be sure of what you’re getting before spending a dime. We break down the pros and cons of each site - even the free ones - so you can get our expert opinions at a glance. We also care deeply about our web design. Unlike most spammy sites, Porn Explosion doesnt bombard you with ads or bog down your experience with long load times. We used modern web engineering and design techniques to make this site as easy and fun to use as possible.

A Choice for Every Kink

Here at Porn Explosion we work hard to review sites that cater to every sexual proclivity and kink. We’ve got sites for every interest - BDSM, porn for women, VR porn, Hentai, and more. In our reviews we try to be as inclusive as possible, and let you know if the site in question features gay or trans content. We want every user of this site to have several good choices that complement their own unique sexuality. We’re all about sex-positivity here at Porn Explosion!

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